Vishakha Singh
Founder: Habits for Thinking
Author & Host: SHIFT course & curated workshops Author: articles on thinking skills
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The truth is that our everyday habits shape our thinking.

The process has always excited me more than the end result. It is this curiosity to design, and measure processes and reflections over my journey that gave me an epiphany a few years back- thinking can be trained as a skill. Traditionally, thinking has not been treated as a skill to be learned. It is assumed to be picked up through other forms of learning.

The truth however is that our everyday habits shape our thinking. For example, a new word we suddenly speak could have been in our mind through previous reading or even hearing. Similarly, one can adopt habits based on mental models to create new ideas, improve decision-making, and communicate effectively. Through my course, articles and workshops, I am here to help you adopt habits. Your habits make you extraordinary.
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SHIFT is a set of 15 forward-thinking habits that make you a better leader to steer yourself and your teams to success by enhanced creative thinking, astute problem-solving, and influential decision-making.
15 Habits- Mental models for growth mindset
4 Weeks- Online access at your own pace
Live Sessions- Deeper understanding with Vishakha
Follow up - Develop habits through Notecards & Email

15 Simple Habits & Ideas for Forward Thinking

Based on curated mental models, kindly scroll for the 15 habits that you will learn
Module: 01
A Ritual
One Day to Today
Writing Notes
Module: 02
Being in Awe
Hero in the Neighbourhood
Ask 2 Grow
Show don’t Tell
Module: 03
Together we Listen
Empathy Mapping
Aligning to Purpose
Say No to Marginal Thinking
Module: 04
Creative Confidence
Grand Gestures
Inversion Thinking

Thinking Skills

will enhance your personality
Evolve as a sharp leader with improved adaptability, agility, and resilience to lead your teams to success.
Decision making
Consistently and confidently make decisions through the framework of mental models.
Problem Solving
Understand the problem in the right way and solve them creatively with frameworks from the principles of forward thinking and behavioral science.
Effective engagement and
Practice empathy and communicate effectively to engage better with the team, customers, and people around you.

Who is this course for 

Specially designed for professionals and leaders who are on a quest to grow in a world of innovations, uncertainties, and newer possibilities.


in the corporate world - to grow as inspirational leaders.

Start-up Leaders

to empower their teams with creative thinking and problem-solving tools.

Private practice professionals

and freelancers to navigate the constantly evolving work environment.
People speak
Apurva Purohit
Founder: Aazol,
Former President- Jagran Prakashan Limited
“Vishakha has an extremely curious and creative mind. Very few people get the problem identification right and even fewer are able to come up with out of the box solutions for them. She excels in both . The precision of her approach to problem identification and her ability to step back and get a 360 approach to the solution is a rare talent.”
CS Sidharth
Manager, Zerodha
This course personally has been a great experience for me. Something that I would always treasure. After the lockdown had started, staying put at home had somewhere shaken my confidence and personal growth. But through your course, I have been able to attain my lost strengths and gain new ones. I am very happy that I signed up for it. And thank you for putting all this together.
Dr Manisha Gupta
Dentist, Gurgaon
The course is a great insight into the things that we know but probably have never given any importance due to ignorance and the rut of everyday life.
It is a great eyeopener and the habits have been put forth in a very practical way which can be easily understood and applicable for all walks of life from a child to a housewife to a professional.

Curated Programs

Specially designed for professionals and leaders who are on a quest to grow in a world of innovations, uncertainties, and newer possibilities.

Articles on habits & mental models

Stories and ideas that make you think better