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Intellectual Wellness

A 5 part series for your intellectual growth
To be announced
hours each
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Leadership teams/ Individuals with a focus on personal growth as leaders

Why you must join this session

"How many times have you been told that your team has earned the business because your team’s integrity stood over competitors? No doubt we are technologically enabled but business relations are based on values." - Vishakha Singh In this workshop, you will understand and learn about the concepts of Moral Intelligence, Voices in our head, Being social at the workplace, productivity wellness and Purpose.

What will you learn

Session 1:

  • Types of Intelligence with a  focus on Moral Intelligence
  • What is Moral Intelligence
  • The tenets of Moral Intelligence
  • Bring ideas into action in your life

Session 2:

  • Voices in our head
  • Verbal rehearsal of material—the shopping list you recite as you walk the aisles of a supermarket—is part of our working memory system.
  • To change the patterns of thinking, change the patterns of talking.

Session 3:

  • Social at work place: Learning as a social being.
  • How we grow intellectually
  • Listening
  • Asking
  • Empathy

Session 4:

  • Productivity Wellness
  • It is a known fact that workplace wellness increases productivity, however, if you learn productivity skills through ideas and frameworks, you would enhance your and your team's well-being.
  • Deep Work framework
  • To Schedule list

Session 5:

  • Purpose: The Guiding Light
  • Purpose kindles energy that fuels growth and powers the walk through the crisis. Seems small, but has a larger than life impact.

Learning outcomes

Understand the tenets of your intellectual wellness
Lead your teams with moral intelligence
Learn to focus on voices in your head
Adopt and practice productivity skills
Enhance your team skills through your leadership style
Bring ideas into action through simple steps

Course Offered to

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This workshop will be for a limited group size.
You will receive article to read, frameworks and notecards if applicable.
This program is delivered live- online and offline. There is no recording shared.
Incase if the organizer cancels the workshop for some unknown reason, a full refund will be processed within 24 hours of cancellation.
Refund- 85% upto 24 hours before the start date. If unforeseen circumstance- can join the same workshop at another date.
Amount : ₹
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This workshop will be for a limited group size.
Participants will receive articles to read, frameworks and notecards if applicable.
This program is delivered live- online and offline. There is no recording shared/ allowed.
For booking a group session.
People speak
Apurva Purohit
Founder: Aazol,
Former President- Jagran Prakashan Limited
“Vishakha has an extremely curious and creative mind. Very few people get the problem identification right and even fewer are able to come up with out of the box solutions for them. She excels in both . The precision of her approach to problem identification and her ability to step back and get a 360 approach to the solution is a rare talent.”
CS Sidharth
Manager, Zerodha
This course personally has been a great experience for me. Something that I would always treasure. After the lockdown had started, staying put at home had somewhere shaken my confidence and personal growth. But through your course, I have been able to attain my lost strengths and gain new ones. I am very happy that I signed up for it. And thank you for putting all this together.
Dr Manisha Gupta
Dentist, Gurgaon
The course is a great insight into the things that we know but probably have never given any importance due to ignorance and the rut of everyday life.
It is a great eyeopener and the habits have been put forth in a very practical way which can be easily understood and applicable for all walks of life from a child to a housewife to a professional.